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Give back by donating what doesn't sell

JBF loves our community and WANTS to give back! 

The Goodness just keeps going and  we encourage YOU to pass it on too!  Make a difference in someone else's life by deciding to donate your items at the end of the sale... your unsold items will go to a charity that blesses our community!


Benedictine Ministries/Sisters Attic

Located in Boerne, The Sisters with Benedictine Ministries, really have a heart for the community in the Hill Country.  They are involved with almost every non-profit in this area.  They benefit the women's shelter, the Boerne Community Coalition, Headstart, Blessings in Backpacks, the Christian Women's Job Corp, the senior community, and a new home to offer services to families dealing with abuse.  They run a thrift shop that provides both monetary and in-kind resources that they use expressly to give to all the other non-profits they support.  Your donations will be contributing to several needs, through their amazing stewardship and desire to bless those with needs!

Check them out: Website | Facebook


Steve & Jeannie Buller

  (830) 282-6133

Welcome to the #JBFSA family!

Having kids can be expensive! We get this, we have a family too!

JBF offers current styles & toys and everything we need at any season at HUGE savings!!

Once we learned about JBF we started making money instead of spending it!  The more kids, the more stuff! 

JBF offers a way to make money back on the items we have barely used!  Upcycling at it's best! 

It's simple... we sell what they outgrow for CASH and buy what they need at deeply discounted prices.

It's fun AND smart!!!

#JBFSA is your partner in family savings!  Experience this opportunity... and join our COMMUNITY!!!